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Migraine / Headache


Why does my head hurt?

Headache is a very complex pain to diagnose and treat.  There are numerous reasons why someone can be experiencing a chronic headache.  Headache is a defined as pain arising from the head and neck region.  The brain itself does not have pain receptors.  Therefore, the pain originates from the tissues and structures surrounding the skull and the brain as well as the neck. 

Headache that is new in onset and excruciating requires urgent attention.  Fortunately, most headaches are benign and treated with over-the-counter headache medications.

When headache is chronic and not secondary to a structural cause medications and interventional treatments may be useful in alleviating the pain.

We are able to offer treatments with medications as well as injections.  If you have already been seen and evaluated by a neurologist and had undergone a neurologic workup and no underlying reason for the headaches have been diagnosed you may benefit from interventional treatments which will include injections as well as intravenous treatment such as IV magnesium. Occasionally headaches may also be arising from the neck.  Injections of the cervical region may be beneficial with treating the headache. Botox injection for chronic migraine headaches is sometimes an option.

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