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Patient Stories


Annie H 

I had hurt for 4 years until I met this Dr. I had my first week of no pain in 3 years.

Carlene L 

Since Dr. Manohar began treating me for hip and low back pain I have ceased walking with a cane and have minimal hip and back pain. My overall well-being has improved greatly due to reduction in pain.

Jason P 

I just wanted to share about my personal experience with Dr. Shonith Manohar and his wonderful staff. I have been Dr. Manohar’s patient for several months now and each visit I am treated with most respect and concern for my health and well-being. Each person is pleasant to deal with and all my questions are answered. I really appreciate the professionalism and would recommend them to any person needing help.

Katherine B 

I had chronic pain for 15 years. Saw doctors up and down east one was able to help me, until I came to Jacksonville. The staff is very courteous and helpful. Dr. Manohar is the most attentive and respectful doctor I ever dealt with and I have seen a lot of them. His patience and knowledge has helped me with my condition and has made me have my life back. Dr. Manohar and staff are like family to me, they have been there for me and my family. Dr. Manohar is one in a few doctors who has knowledge, patience respect and very understanding of the situation without judging. There are no words to express how much respect me and my family feel towards everyone in his office.

Rita M

I am glad I found Dr. Manohar. I have suffered with migraine headaches all my life and he has really helped in controlling and getting them down to a minimum also had neck and lower back pain severely. Dr. Manohar found out why and has helped both areas. He is a blessing truly. His staff is truly amazing every one of them. They really care about you and help you any way they can. I think Annie is awesome. This office is truly amazing. Thank you for helping me.

Constance P

Dr. Manohar first saw me on May 5th 2014 I had terrible pain in both my legs. He treated me with injections and had really helped me. I am now able to walk with less pain and have had no injections. I am on medication only. I am so glad I met him. He has been a big help to me. His staff is really helpful, I appreciate all their help.

Rhonda R

My name is Rhonda R. I am a 63 year old black female who came to Dr. Manohar after not been able to get treatment from other pain doctor. Dr. Manohar has taken care of my back pain and chronic leg pain. He has treated me with injections and medications. After returning from IRAQ I was in a bad shape. Now I have my life back. I can do things that I wasn’t able to do before. When I am on the treatment table Dr. Manohar takes his time to insure that he is at the right spot. He is the kind of Doctor that takes his time and listens to me and that is very rare. I am never rushed. Sometimes I wish that he was my everything doctor but if I need something else to be taken care of he would refer me to another doctor for that problem. I am grateful that I have Dr. Manohar for my pain doctor so I won’t have to live the rest of my life in pain. Thank you very much Dr. Manohar for taking care of my pain.

Barbara S 

I have never met such a thorough Doctor and professional staff. He takes his time and I never feel rushed. The office staff has worked to get me the times I have needed which when you’re in pain is a big help. I have finally found a Doctor and staff that generally cares about taking my pain away and succeeds!

Cassandra M

Since I have had my care with Dr. Manohar I have felt so much better. The pain has decreased and I am able to do lot more around my home and going places. My experience with staff as well as Dr. Manohar has been excellent.

Allison J

Started having back pain a few years ago in June of 2014. The pain became unbearable I went to see my primary care who referred me to Florida Regional Pain Management. Where I started treatment after a few visits with the doctor by October I was 85% pain free. With each passing month I have remained the same. I would recommend this Doctor to anyone having back problems. Dr. Manohar and his staff was more concerned with getting me better and fixing my problem rather than just putting me on medication and sending me away. I can’t thank the doctor and staff enough for all the amazing treatment you have given me.

Marie T

I started having problem with my back a long time ago. Two years ago it turned into terrible pain that seemed to start in my lower back and caused extremely painful spasms that radiated down my legs. Along with spasms was intense pain in my buttocks and hamstrings making everything very painful. I was contemplating surgery but decided to see if Dr. Manohar could help me. After series of shots in my hips and back I can now finally say the pain is so light I hardly know it’s there. I know I have a long way to go but with Dr. Manohar’s help I feel confident that I can lead productive life.

Name undisclosed, per patient request 

Considering my care during my assessment and treatment. The information concerning epidural was clear. I felt immediate relief to my right hand, I felt Dr. Manohar was sensitive to my pain. The staff was comforting. I have a full understanding of my process and that I can manage my pain with lifestyle changes and monitoring by Dr. Manohar. I would recommend Dr. Manohar to others.


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