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Plaquex Therapy Questions Answered
Plaquex IV Therapy: Understanding Its Effectiveness, Side Effects, and Cost
Plaquex IV Therapy is becoming increasingly popular as a treatment...
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back pain management-all questions answered
A Simple Guide as a first step to Managing Back Pain: Causes, Relief, and Treatment Options
Back pain is a common ailment that can significantly affect your...
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Sleeping positions for shoulder pain
Alleviating Shoulder Pain: Effective Sleeping Positions and Treatment Strategies
Shoulder pain can significantly impact your daily activities...
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All questions about ketamine therapy answered.
An Informative Guide to Ketamine Therapy: Efficacy, Safety, and Legality
Ketamine therapy has emerged as a promising treatment for various...
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What happens at your first pain management appointment.
Understanding Pain Management: A Guide to Interventional Pain Management and Your First Appointment
Pain management is a crucial field in medicine that focuses on...
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Habits that worsen your hip pain
Bad Habits That Make Your Hip Pain Worse
Hip pain can be a debilitating condition that affects many individuals,...
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What our patients are saying

Everyone of the members of the staff and the doctor are totally awesome

Sandra M. | Nov 2023

I have been a patient for many years and have never had anything but top of the line care from my injections to regular follow up appointments both the doctor and all the staff is always friendly welcoming and helpful anytime I have needed to reschedule or make a change they have always gotten me t…

Allison D. | Oct 2022

I think dr. Manohar is very helpful, highly qualified and has a kind bedroom side manner. He is honest, knows his stuff, and is reassuring.

Melinda M. | Oct 2023