Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS)

Have you had Lumbar spinal surgery but continue to be in severe pain?  Does your spinal x-ray look like this picture?  Unfortunately, this is a not to uncommon result after spinal surgery.  You may have tried a Lumbar Epidural Steroid injection or a Lumbar Facet injection as well as a Lumbar facet Radiofrequency ablation, but did not see any significant benefit.  You have tried multiple courses of Physical therapy and exercise.

You may be feeling anguished as to a solution without having to resort to another Back surgery, Spinal cord stimulation or narcotic pain medication.  The odds of repeat back surgery helping especially when the first surgery did not help is dismal.  Unfortunately also, Spinal cord stimulation fails to help mainly Axial Back Pain.

We have helped several patients with this condition achieve significant pain relief without surgery or narcotic drug prescription.

If your back pain is confined to the lower back extending to the hips and buttocks and is characterized as sharp and stabbing and worsened with rotational movement, call us for a consultation.  Your back pain may not be entirely arising from the spine.

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