Causes And Treatment Of Neck Pain

Neck pain in or around your spine beneath your head is also known as cervical pain. It may be a common symptom of many injuries and medical conditions. For instance, you might have axial neck pain that can be felt only around the neck or radicular neck pain that shoots into others areas too. Depending upon the severity of the condition, neck pain may be acute or chronic. Living with such pain can be challenging as it interferes with your daily activities and affects your overall quality of life.

According to a recent study, one out of three people experiences neck pain at least once a year. The condition is more common in women than men and develops with age.

How Does Neck Pain Feel?

You may suffer from persistent aches in and around your neck. Such pain also gives stabbing and burning sensations that keep on aggravating now and then. Neck pain often causes sensitivity to mild pressure you may feel around your neck, which makes it difficult to bend or rotate it. Other problems that neck pain may create include headache, numbness or tingling in one or both arms, increasing tightening or tension in the muscles, etc.

What Causes Neck Pain?

  • Depending upon the condition (acute or chronic), there may be many causes of neck pain:
  • Acute neck pain can be the result of any injury, wrong sleeping position, muscle strain, nerve compression, or other factors.
  • Chronic neck pain may be caused because of disc problems, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, radiculopathy or a pinched nerve, and meningitis.

How to Treat Neck Pain?


We will prescribe medicines, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, to ease inflammation and pain. We may also suggest taking some muscle relaxants to speed up the healing process.

Physical Therapy

Besides medication, it is good to opt for physical therapy to obtain quick relief from the problem. Physical therapy includes various exercises to stretch and strengthen your muscles and tendons in the neck.

Interventional Pain-Relieving Injections

We may inject these injections near your nerve roots to help relieve pain and inflammation and ease other symptoms of neck pain.

Lifestyle Changes

Apart from injections and medicines, we will also recommend some lifestyle changes, including your diet, exercises, and supplements, to help you recover quickly from excruciating neck pain.

PRP and Stem Cell Therapy

Both PRP and stem cell therapy are sought-after alternatives over other approaches to treat neck pain. These methods are less complicated and less risky than traditional approaches like orthopedic or spinal surgery.

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