Does Alcohol Trigger Migraine?

Migraine is referred to as a chronic headache. It may trigger during various conditions and can cause extreme pain and irritation to the patient. Damaging habits like consuming alcohol can be a major reason for migraine. The doctors of Florida Regional Pain Management have detailed various aspects of the topic.

Relationship between Alcohol and Migraine.

The ingredients in alcohol, like congeners and histamine have been associated with the cause of headaches. Ethanol, which is a major part of alcohol, is known to convert into a chemical as it enters the body. This can trigger migraines in people.

Types of Migraine suffered through alcohol consumption

Hangover Migraine

It is common in most people who consume alcohol. The drink may cause the person an extreme headache for some hours which can be resolved through good sleep and  also by hydrating the body.

Tension Migraine

Some people tend to have tension while consuming alcohol. The concern may increase tension migraine and cause extreme pain to the head, making the person feel tired. They may also have pain in their neck and the shoulder.

Dehydration MIgraine

The body has water loss during and after water consumption as the person tends to urinate more often. They also skip drinking water which intensifies headache in people. Drinking plenty of water can help combat the water loss and restore the person.

Remedies for Migraine.

It  is always healthy to control the urge to drink.If you are prone to migraines, Relaxation techniques can help the patients ease the pain. Some doctors prescribe the use of medications that help to prevent migraines during  or after drinking.


Migrane is a condition that is treatable. Consulting the doctor at the right time can help in resolving the pain through immediate treatment. It saves the person from complications that can be life threating. Efficiency and expertise are the strong factors of the doctors at the practice. Our team assures you that you will return home with relief from your pain.

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