Have you ever suffered from a longing, pricking pain, or inflammation in your body? If yes, you may have chronic pain, which must be treated as early as possible.
Chronic pain becomes a major treatment challenge. Owing to the current lifestyle of people, cases of chronic pain have become incredibly common. This condition is difficult to treat. It is because such pain is a subjective experience that may have several influences. Even if your pain is localized, there may be multiple physiologic sources to trigger it.
Chronic pain may be influenced by several factors like your central nervous system, peripheral structures such as ligaments and muscles, as well as psychological and emotional states. As there are multiple influences to this condition, the treatment approaches which are too narrow may not provide you complete relief. In such cases, we may combine your treatment with essential supplements.

What are Different Treatment Options for Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain and inflammation may be treated by conventional treatment methods like medications, interventional pain procedures, surgical interventions, and physical therapy. The treatment and procedure may vary depending upon specific diagnosis and individual needs. Overall, these options may have limitations. Moreover, some of these treatments may also be associated with several risks.
When the pain doesn’t reduce despite the conventional treatments, the patients end up becoming frustrated and may turn to other therapies for relief.

Why Should You Consider Supplements?

Medication for pain does not work every time to relieve the condition. Some of them are limited because of lack of effectiveness; others have increased risks and adverse effects. In such cases, a need for a safer therapeutic option to address your condition arises. The use of supplements helps to fill that void for some patients, thus reducing their pain and discomfort.
When you visit our clinic to treat your chronic pain, we often prescribe supplements individually after discussing your problem.

What are the Benefits of Supplements?

  • Pairing up supplements with other forms of treatment speeds up your recovery.
  • Supplements offer a holistic approach that has little to no side effects.
  • They are more affordable than other forms of treatment.

What are the Popular Dietary Supplements?

We may prescribe suitable supplements after carrying out a diagnostic test of your body and then finding out the nutrient deficiencies. Some of the supplements we prescribe include Melatonin SR, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, B Complex, Pregnenolone SR, DHEA SR, etc.

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