Ketamine Infusion

Ketamine infusion is an alternative treatment for adults dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Ketamine has long been used as anesthesia as it provides analgesia and sedation effects. Lower doses of ketamine administered intravenously help relieve moderate to severe pain and improve mood and symptoms of depression, creating new synapses in the brain that can provide long-term relief.
If you are struggling with chronic pain, anxiety, or depression, contact Florida Regional Pain Management, PA: Shonith Manohar, MD, to learn more about how IV ketamine the

What Is Ketamine Infusion Therapy Used For?

Ketamine addresses and relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression. We also use it for patients with bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Ketamine infusion therapy is used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.
We use IV ketamine therapy to address chronic regional pain syndrome, central regional pain syndrome, and fibromyalgia neuropathic pain syndrome.

How Does Ketamine Infusion Therapy Work?

Ketamine has the ability to block the NMDA receptors in your brain that manage pain perception. Conditions like depression, anxiety, and chronic pain may alter the synaptic connections in your brain. Ketamine infusion therapy works by helping neurons find new pathways of communication, delivering a therapeutic effect.
During your session, the ketamine is administered intravenously in low doses calculated based on your specific condition and requirements and you will be carefully monitored throughout the treatment as well as for 30-60 minutes after. You will start noticing the effects of this therapy within a few hours.
Repeated ketamine infusion treatments can provide longer-term relief. The success rate for this therapy is 70-80%.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

The beneficial effects of a single ketamine infusion therapy session may last from two days to two weeks. If you continue the treatment and undergo at least six sessions, the effects will last from several weeks to months.
If you are experiencing the benefits of ketamine infusion therapy after one to two sessions, we recommend undergoing six sessions within the first two weeks for the best results.

What Are the Benefits of Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

Ketamine infusion therapy provides quicker and better results than other treatments. You do not have to wait for weeks or months to see the effects of this therapy. This makes it one of the best approaches for multiple conditions relating to pain and depression.
Ketamine infusion therapy improves your mood and helps create more positive thoughts in your brain.
Ketamine infusion therapy doesn’t have significant side effects. Once you discuss your condition thoroughly with Dr. Manohar, you will be administered a dose that will provide quick relief without major side effects

Contact Florida Regional Pain Management, PA: Shonith Manohar, MD, in Jacksonville, Florida, at (904) 737-7246 to learn more about ketamine infusion therapy and  schedule a consultation with Dr. Manohar.

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